My Political Satire at Chelsea Now

Hello, all. As you may or may not know (that covers everything, right?) I am the political satirist for New York newspaper, Chelsea Now. A charming anachronism, the print on real paper and are available GRATIS in ‘The Big Apple’, which means I am very, very famous. Luckily for today’s youth, they also maintain a ‘website’, so that may be enjoyed ‘virtually’ by way of any of the more popular modular computer machine devices regularly used by ‘hipsters’ and those in the ‘know’.

The plan was I would write for them through the election, but somehow I have slipped into an alternate timeline where a possessed human shaped orange leather sack of snake venom, KFC grease and weasel shit is President and I still have my job.

If you follow think ‘hot link’ below, you will find a ‘search page’ that will allow you to access all my columns.