The Sons of Superman and Batman

If you’re ‘up’ on comics, you might know that Robin is Batman’s son. Not Dick Grayson, he hasn’t been Robin for ages, or Jason Todd or Tim Drake or the brand new one whose name I don’t even know yet because in the current continuity, Batman gets a new Robin every ten minutes or so. No, one of the Robin’s, Damian Wayne, is Batman’s actual, biological son. And in just a few issues, Superman is going to have a son too. See, Superman was married to Lois lane, and then DC did a reboot and Supes lost his wife and the red undies he wore over his tights. Well, he didn’t lose them per se, they just never existed. Except turns out they still did in some pocket universe, and now they’re coming back and they had kid and he’s the same age as Robin son of Batman, so hi-jinks are bound to ensue. Boy, what a bold new idea, one that’s bound to draw youth back into comics. Except attempts by middle aged writers to appeal to youth culture rarely work apart from being unintentionally hilarious, and also, this idea is not new at all. It happened in the early 70’s and it was the best kind of awful.

For a long time I wrote extensively for a great internet site,, and one of the things I wrote was a column on comic books called “Hey Dork: Let’s talk comics!” Here’s a link to the article I wrote on that first ‘Sons of Superman and Batman’ attempt. Check it out.


“Hey, Dork! Let’s talk Sons of Superman and Batman!”


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