The Max Burbank Broadsheet

Why look! It’s an (almost) entirely visual post! But pretty much unreadable because it’s too small. Don’t worry! Just ‘click’ on the image and it will magically become ‘larger’. In a ‘window’! I’d make it larger without all that ‘clicking’, but I can’t, because I’m too ‘stupid’. And I think that the fact you have to ‘do’ something in order to read the text in this post will make you enjoy it even more. Because it’s ‘interactive’. And multiple studies show that people ‘like’ the ‘internet’ because it is ‘interactive.’. So ‘click’, already. Or don’t. If you’ve gotten this far you register on my ‘stats’ wether you ‘click’ or not. And my ‘stats’ are pretty much all I care about. Because in addition to being ‘stupid’, I’m also reasonably ‘shallow’.

broadsheet edit
broadsheet 2


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