Another Poem



The last day

Of school, the sun hung

On late into the night

Like it didn’t want to let

The sky go.

Fire flies,

In short supply these days,

Came out in galactic clusters and


All us kids would run around as if

Running was all the entertainment

We needed, which


It was


My Dad on the porch saying “The most

Effective mosquito repellent known

To man is Gin. A couple of these

And the blood suckers

Just vanish.”


Later I became a teenager and

It all fell to shit but

Of course I was

An old soul by then

Busy moaning how I’d never get

A girlfriend.

And if time

Was speeding up a little no one said


“It just gets faster, son

Blink twice, a deep breath

And you’re half the way to dead.

Know what’s behind

The big splash at

The end of the Flume Ride?

Brick friggin’ wall,

That’s what.”


Take the time to

Take a sigh,

Leaves begin to turn. They

Used to let us burn them

And I loved that smell

But all of that is sold at swap meets now.

Yard sales, flea markets,

Bunch of banged up crap

Spread on a blanket,

‘Each thing here

One buck’


An eight-track tape

Of Three Dog Night,

A Charlie’s Angels Lunchbox

And the summer I was ten years old.


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