Welcome to my new blog

Hey. Thanks for coming. This is going to be my ‘blog’. Here’s what I know about ‘blogging’: Nothing. Well, not nothing. I’ve done it before. For National Lampoon, and of course I-mockery.com. But see, they set those up for me and showed me what buttons to push. Now the computer has to show me what buttons to push. I’m not a technophobe or anything, I just really hate and fear technology. I guess what I meant is I’m not a Luddite, in that I have nothing against the labor saving textile technology introduced between 1811-1817.


A lot of ‘Facebook friends’ wanted to know what I’d be writing after #100daysofmisery. That would be this, I think. I’ll be starting the lazy way by reposting my Misery in chunks. I’ve found misery is best consumed in chunks, or chunklets. Ten at a time? Twenty-five? I don’t know yet. What is this, the third degree?


My hope is that you, my ‘Facebook friends’ who will learn about this first will ‘follow’ it, or whatever the hell you do with ‘blogs’ and then ‘recommend’ it by ‘word of mouth’ and whatever science fictiony way people let other people know about the hep new ‘Blog’ in town. I’ll probably ‘gussy it up’ with ‘graphics’ and ‘clickables’ and other things I don’t know sh*t all about as I learn, assuming I do, which is not a given. Or I’ll abandon the whole thing as a bad deal and crawl under the sink. Once I find someplace else to put the cleaning supplies and nameless other crap that fetches up under there, clogging up what ought to be, by rights, my sad place. So stay tuned. Or whatever the hell one does to keep track of a ‘blog’.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to my new blog

  1. Hi Max.
    I was looking at the splash page – a fancy name for the bucolic photo at the top of this “blog” – when I noted, to my dismay, that the “standard” Max Burbank “photo” was nowhere to be foundn therewithin.
    I am disappointed, my friend. Very disappointed.


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